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RF Nexus Server - April Monthly News

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Attention Nexus Players.


Welcome to our monthly news report, this thread shall contain updates and progress of our current servers and should give our non players an idea on how good our server is.


Please continue to support our server and invite more of your friends.



Server 2 News and Update


  • Stronger than before
    • Our numbers / population is heading to the right direction, Please see below milestone, average is based on 24hour population attendance by system. This includes the lowest peak til the highest peak
      • CBT - Average 100 population
      • Opening til first week - Average 150 population
      • second week til third week - Average of 200 population
      • third week til fourth week - Average of 270 population
      • first month til first week - Average of 300 population
    • Our peak on non event days reach already to 470 while event days have gone as far as 520!
  • Road Blocks
    • Below are the current struggle that our Administrators and Developers are currently working on
      • Critical Error concerns
      • Minor bugs for quest
      • Challenging installation process
  • Open Door Policy
    • We all know that we cannot avoid issues arises from hearsay and gossips that's why we are promoting an open door policy in which we encourage players to directly contact us for clarification instead from fellow players. On top of that, we do continuously build rules and guidelines that always point to transparency
      • ​Video for over upgraded items
      • Tight investigation on RMT cases
      • Equipment Search function for Race Leaders
    • We do believe that one way to keep server healthy is to have a toxic free environment, everyone's help is needed for our server to achieve this goal.
  • Current CW Stats



Stats above are taken from Server opening til April 04, 2017 CW#3


  • Bellato is still in lead as far as overall win, while Empire is rising from an immense defeat over the first month of the server. Cora has displayed well balanced record despite being the lowest population but currently struggling due to the alliance existing between Union and Empire
    • Message to All Race Leader and Council: You were voted/elected not mainly because your power, it is because you have the capability to lead your race. Greatness is not measured by number of wins but by the number of player you inspired and continue to play despite the challenges.
    • Message to All Player: Vote wisely, vote the player because you trust their decision and their leadership and not because you can gain something personal in return. 


  • Events
    • Over the first month of our server, we have done several events mostly done on weekend. We have explored different methods in doing the event and have heard your wonderful and constructive feedback. We will use this to further improve our events moving forward.



Server 1 News and Update


  • "Come back is real"
    • ​Server 1 has been the guiding foundation of what is currently known as Server 2, although there has been a lot of challenges and issues that Server 1 had faced before. The Server remains intact until this very moment, although the population is definitely not as strong as before, the server will remain functional
    • Our management is already almost done in our renovation plan for server 1. This will/should include the following
      • Update in our RF Components such as own Website for Server1, Newly updated RF Launcher and updated Game Control Panel
      • Change in Concept from Classic Low Rate to Classic PVP Mid Rate farming server
      • Accounts that has been logged in over last 60 days shall remain accessible through this transition while the rest of the account will be put on hold and will need to undergo reactivation process.
    • We will announce the actual re-launch date and renovation date for the server. While this is still in progress, the server will remain operational and will function as normal.
  • Change is Comming
    • The changes mentioned above is just a glimpse on what to expect to the renovation but we will definitely make those changes worth it and regain the glory days of Server 1.
    • More complete and accurate details should come out in the next 7 days as we still continue to finalize the details.




To all our players, we will always do our best to improve our service for everyone. Rest assured that your support group is in the right mindset and has the goal to create as much as possible a well balanced server with integrity.



Thank you all and God Bless.


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All the best,