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[Server2] Donation Reward/Incentive - MAY

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Dear Player


Read the guideline below before jumping to the table or get your self confuse. We have change the incentive scheme for this month due to the feedback receive and for improvement




  • ​Reward Point is based on the total amount spent for donation during the coverage period (1:1).
    • ​Ex: If you donated total of 2500php then your Reward Point (RP) is 2500
    • There you can find the list of rewards you can select and use your RP points to buy those rewards. The reward item are divide into 3 Sets (Set A,B and C) which is unlocked depending on your total RP for the cutoff
    • This table shows on how many rewards you can choose and on what Set of rewards you can use your reward Point



  • Victor was able to donate 7000php for the month of MAY therefor he will have total of 7000 RP (Reward Points). As per TABLE B, he will fall under the category where he can select 3 reward item from SET A and B to use his reward points.
    • ​​​Total RP : 7500
      • ​Item#1: T4 Gem Set Exchanger x 7 (7000)
      • Item#2: Gold Plate (High) x 7 (7000)
      • Item#3: Weapon Insurance (Type B ) x2 (5000)
    • **Note: The 3 items that Victor chose from Set A and B will be divided to his Total RP and that will determine the quantity of his rewards








We would like to reinforce the Freebies**



  • Eng: We will handle the shipping fee and coordinate with you during the process, strictly 1 reward per username only
  • Tag: Kami na po ang bahala sa lahat ng extra fees (shipping fee). Hindi po pwede mag request ng extra 1:1 lang po talaga

Dark Weapon Costume:

  • Eng: the stats of this weapon is the same as Hora Weapon. We will just change the appearance to make it look like the dark weapons and also will make it look like with Pink effect when over upgraded
  • Tag: parehas lang po ang damage stats sa Hora Weapon, babaguhin lang po namen yung itsura ng weapon na parang dark weapon and bago lang yung upgraded effect nia na kulay Pink.


  • Eng: The weapon is tradeable, destructible when upgraded and once it got destroyed the user can no longer have it transformed once he/she buy new weapon unless he use insurance on the weapon
  • Tag: Ang weapon po ito ay napapasa sa ibang tao, nababasag pag nag upgrade and kapag nabasag or nawala ito during upgrade process, hindi na po pwede i request ng may ari na gawing dark weapon costume ulet yung mga susunod niang weapon. Kelangan niang gamitan ng weapon insurance yung weapon para mapanatili ang costume na ito (if mabasag sa upgrade)



**We will only process rewards after the said cutoff date


Thank you

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All the best,