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[Server2] Guild vs. Guild Event (Guild of the Month) First Edition

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  • Participants (Race Council) will use pre-generated characters.
  • Level Requirements: 50
  • The tournament will be held on a different Battle Dungeon Map
  • If the match is between members of the same race, Chaos Potions will be used.
  • Teams will be given 10 minutes to set-up their character.
  • After set-up, teams will be summoned the Tournament Map
  • Each team will be given a starting point before the match begins.
  • The officiating GM will announce on when they may start casting buffs.
  • The GM will start countdown from 5. Match will start after he says “GO!”
  • Each round will be given 10 minutes. There will be 3 rounds in one match.
  • If a guild managed to wipe out (kill) all the members of the opposing team, they will be declared winner for that round.
  • If none guilds weren’t able to wipe out their opposing guild after 10 minutes, the team that has the most active (alive) members will win that round.
  • In case both guilds have equal number of active members, Sudden Death Match will take place.Sudden Death Match – the first guild to kill a team member of the opposing guild will win.
  • If a guild managed to win 2 rounds out of 3 rounds, they will be declared winner for that match.(Until Semis only)
  • Finals is race to 3 rounds in order to win the finals


Limitations and Character Load-outs

  • Pre-Generated Character Stat (Council)
    • Capped to level 50
    • Base class’ PT set to GM
    • Force reavers set to GM
    • Skills (according to base class) set to GM
  • Character
    • All classes are limited only to 3 according to base class.
      • Exception is Bellato’s Soul Chandra, of which only 1 may be fielded per team.
      • Bellato’s other Mage Classes namely Archmage and Chronomancer class may be used in combination with the 1 Soul Chandra.(Only 1 Mid Class may be used per team namely: 1 Soul Chandra, 1 Archmage and 1 Chronomancer)
    • Only 1 Resu Characters are allowed per team.
    • Class redefine is not allowed
    • Tower Rule:
      • ONLY 6 Towers per specialist class per team (Scientist and Battle Leader for Accretia, Artisan for Cora and Machanist for Bellato)
    • The following rules will be applied on a Racial Specialty Basis:
      • Bellato – Armored Rider Class
        • Red MAU – Only 2 may be fielded per team,
        • Total of 8 MAU per round can be used (4 per rider but only 2 are allowed in the field)

Note: NO hybrid MAU or mixed color. (Mix arms or OTHER PARTS)

  • If 1 Rider Class has been used, the key will be (2 Red Goliath and 2 Red Catapult)
  • If 2 Rider Class has been used, the key will be (1 Rider: 2 Red Catapult and the 2nd Rider will be 2 Red Goliath) (Strict rules shall be applied to MAU Checking. Instant DQ)


  • Cora – Summoner Class
    • 2 Pure Class Summoners will be allowed per team
    • Only 2 Level 50 Hecate may be fielded at any given time (Only a combination of 2 Pure Hecates or 1 Pure Hecate and 1 Sealed Hecate)
    • 3 Hecates fielded will be ground for DQ
    • An Additional 1 50 Sealed summons will be allowed for your Specialist class
  • Accretia
    • Annihilator Class
      - Only 2 Red Siegekit will be allowed per team
  • Specialist Class(Only the Resu Character can be used as the Tower Builder (Scientist for Accretia, Machanist for Bellato and Artisan for Cora)
    • Accretia:
      • 1 Pure Specialist (Scientist) and 2 Battle Leaders can be fielded per team
    • Cora and Bellato
      • Only 1 RESU Character can be fielded per team (Artisan for Cora and Machanist for Bellato)
    • Throwing Knife for Specialist class is allowed


  • Equipment / Items
    • ​Participant can use their equipment only in the exception of the following
      • +7 Weapon
      • +6 Armors (both Favor / Mercy / Grace / Darkness)
      • +6 Shield
    • Use of Runes are strictly prohibited
    • Use of generators, cash shop potions are allowed except (Cash Shop HP Potions)
    • All potion that will be used are NPC Generated potion which will be the 4000 hp heal potion



  • Submission of Entry is until May 19, 2017
    • Send email to [email protected]
    • Subject: GuildEntry_<GuildName>
      • Leader/Contact Person: <IGN>
      • Leader/Contact Person: Real Complete Name
      • Leader/Contact Phone Number: <mobile number>
        • Member 2
        • Member 3
        • Member 4....
        • Member 7
        • Spare Member1 (Warrior) -must be indicated , cannot switch unless member cannot play
        • Spare Member2 (Force/Gunner) -must be indicated , cannot switch unless member cannot play
        • Spare Member3 (Specialist) -must be indicated , cannot switch unless member cannot play
      • You must also provide your guild emblem/logo in .jpg or .pdf file (much better) size is 250x250
  • After sending an email, you will receive confirmation and participating number to acknowledge your entry
  • Match will be held every Saturday 22:00 (GMT+8) Race Buff will be removed (SOD,MACHO BUFF)
    • Starting June 03, 2017 22:00 (GMT+8) - with Live Stream
    • June 10, 2017 22:00 (GMT+8) - with Live Stream
  • Every match will be best of 3 and will be knock out match
  • Minimum of 6, Maximum of 10 guilds (regardless of race) can participate (8 participating members with 3 spare members)



  • Champion (Confirmed)
    • Each member will received:
      • (3) Lucky Gem Set
      • (Limited Edition) Dragon Armor Set Costume
      • (1) Dark Weapon Costume
      • Trophy (Awarding will be done in our outing) 
  • First Placer (Confirmed)
    • Each member will received:
      • (2) Lucky Gem Set
      • (1) Dark Armor Set Costume
  • Consolation Prize:
    • All participating candidates will received Nexus Epic Blade of Drusus/Brynhild (your choice)




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All the best,







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An email has been sent to all leaders with additional tournament workflow process:


Dear Leader.


We are sending this email in preparation for the upcoming guild vs guild event. Kindly go through the email below line by line and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s any additional question besides the ask of this email:



What do we need from you:

  • Please select from numbers 1 – 10, this will determine your match up for the guild vs guild. Take note that the number first come first serve basis. If the number you select has already been chosen you will get automatically the next number (if you chose 10 and it has been selected, you will get 1 and if not so on and so forth)
  • Please confirm final roster by advising your team members that we will have tournament match this weekend
    • Reply to this email with the following table as well for confirmation:

Team Name:

Base Class

Final Class


Player 1 IGN


Player 2 IGN


Player 3 IGN


Player 4 IGN


Player 5 IGN


Player 6 IGN


Player 7 IGN


Player 8 IGN




  • By confirming replying on this email we are assuming that you have read the game rules / game mechanics in the forum (Link: http://forum.rfonexu...tion/#entry1464) and have full understood the tournament match flow (see below image)


All about Tournament Match Flow

  • There will be 4 phase in our tournament and the following are:
    1. First Set Elimination
      • In this phase the 10 participating teams will face their opponents according to the number assigned.
      • In order to win the match, you will need to win 2 out of 3 rounds with 10 minutes each
    2. Second Set Elimination
      • Wild Card will be determined via voting from our Facebook Page (instructions to be given/posted after First Set of Elimination)
      • The Wild Card team will be coming from the Losing Teams from First Set Elimination, defaulted/violators of game rules team will no longer be included on the voting list
      • In order to win the match, you will need to win 2 out of 3 rounds with 10 minutes each
    3. Semi Finals
      • A round robin match up will be made with the goal of 2 wins to secure position in Finals (1 win = best of 2 / 3 rounds)
      • Schedule is to be released after SSE
    4. Finals
      • The Champion will be determined based on whoever reaches 3 Wins (3 rounds) and will be declared as the overall Champion 


Tournament Match Flow




Match Procedure / Reminders

  • Characters will be scanned before and after for violation of any restrictions (use of cash shop potions, runes, etc)
  • The team will be given 10 minutes to prepare before the match and will recalled after in the tournament map
  • The Sub Player are only allowed to be used before start of the match in the event that they player is not available. Changing line up once the match started is strictly prohibited
  • If the character is disconnected once the match has started, the fight will still continue
  • Any complaint or question regarding tournament SHALL ONLY BE ENTERAINED coming from the Leader and via email. Kindly make sure to attach proof or screenshots if there is.
  • We highly suggest all players to turn on their lighting effects to see cast / item / rune effects if there is.
  • Cross Class is allowed but we are to follow the Limitations and Character Load Outs per team
  • Class Redefine is no longer allowed (based on the list submitted)
  • 1 RESU CHARACTER in the GVG Rules means the class and not the quantity or times that they can use their resurrection skills



Officiating GMs during the Tournament:

  • Wapz
    • Overall POC for this event
    • Recaller / Announcer for the tournament
  • Mugen
  • He will be in charge for character scanning pre/post of the match including log viewer if needed
  • He will take charge of the timer/countdown for all related situation in match
    • 10 minutes preparation
    • 10 minutes timer per match
  • Certz








All the best,







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no more updates?




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this is temporarily suspended as per launcher due to map issues concerning game guard. We are continuously working every maintenance to have this one implemented



All the best,